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End of Life in the Comfort Zone

"I have walked in some holy places in my life, but doing Reiki and providing comfort while someone is transitioning to go Home is the holiest ground I've ever stood on." ~ Heather Sewell Rush


End of life care, in our opinion, is a sacred time, and one that should be held in precious reverence.  Sometimes, our loved ones experience pain/discomfort during transition, and it can make them afraid to embrace the process.  Reiki has been proven to help facilitate a sense of peaceful comfort during this transition. 

Providing an opportunity for your loved one to feel peaceful and serene during their tranistion is perhaps one of the greatest honors you could give them.  Reiki during end of life transition surrounds your loved one in peace and comfort, letting them go with dignity and grace.  What greater honor could you give your loved one than helping them let go gracefully and without suffering? 

Giving Reiki during the end of life transition is Heather's favorite work to do.  She has had the honor of providing Reiki for people who've made their journey Home.  Additionaly, she has provided support for their families afterwards. Heather is a graduate of the Vitas Hospice Volunteer Program.

If you have a loved one who would like to have Reiki during their end of life transition, or would like more information, please contact Heather via email:




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