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Comfort is knowing you're in good hands.
"I want to let everyone know just HOW much Heather has helped me through a very VERY challenging time for my family. In January, my Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law were both hospitalised for some serious medical issues, my husband was at the tail end of a project at work and working 18 hour days, my kids got sick and we were just at the end of our rope with everything.
I asked Heather for Distance Healing for different members of my family.  One morning through this all my husband woke up and said, "you know I feel surprisingly good today. I have clarity of thought and feel relaxed, as if after a deep 8 hour sleep, instead of the 5 hours that it actually was." We caught a few magical moments that morning talked about how maybe it was just better quality of sleep, and how we could finally begin to see light at the end of this long tunnel.....and then he went off to work.

After a few hours when I logged on to my Facebook account, I had a long message from Heather on how she had done Reiki healing for my family at what happened to be the previous night for us. She had also pulled out an Angel Card for each member of my family and the Reading was just bang on for all of us. It just suddenly hit me that my husbands' deeply healing/ refreshing sleep was no co-incidence. I know beyond a doubt that Reiki worked it's magic on us.

I can tell that what Heather does, she does with passion and integrity. All my dealings with her have been so easy, professional and prompt, but with the ease of working with a long time friend. I would highly, HIGHLY recommend anyone who is going through some challenges, either physically, mentally or financially, PLEASE give Reiki Healing a try.....

Thank you once again Heather. Deep gratitude."
~Divya S., India
"Some are born into the path of healing others.  Others learn the considerable skills to do this work, as they are called to serve as healers.  Then there are those rare & radiant souls who, born to heal others, dedicate themselves to learning all of the finer points of energy healing & healing touch, to bring the highest level of service to others.  Mrs. Rush one of these rare gems, & her work is consistently effective.
As a client of Mrs. Rush since 2008, I can assure you that her integrity, discretion, & intuitive, supportive approach in applying the ancient art of reiki to every area of life can improve your life & set you on your path in peace, strength, joy, happiness, & health.
Mrs. Rush has assisted me selflessly through her powerful application of reiki medicine in my career, my interpersonal relationships, & my health.  This has resulted in success on all fronts, including radiant, dynamically balanced health in body, mind, heart, & spirit.
If you are ready for a positive, permanent change in your life outlook & circumstances, & you have found Mrs. Rush's site, here is what you can expect when you secure her services as a reiki practitioner:  
*discreet, non-judgmental, deep listening to your area to be healed during your intake
*assurance of the date & time when your individual reiki medicine space will be constructed & activated
*perfect peace & immediate relief, as your personal reiki medicine space is activated & healing occurs
Please know that in all of my dealings with Mrs. Rush, she has proved integrous, prompt, & successful in assisting me on my path. 
Mrs. Rush's working knowledge of reiki can help you to enjoy a brighter, better, more vibrant, Spirit guided life.
My invitation to you, as you consider whether to engage Mrs. Rush's services, is to give yourself the gift of truly supportive healing assistance by working with Mrs. Rush.  Mrs. Rush lives her ministry.  Mrs. Rush changes lives.
May you, too, choose to experience the joy, health, happiness, & ease that I have enjoyed in working with Mrs. Rush.  Your life will never be the will be better than ever!"
~Ceci Grant, author & artist
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